YEAR: 2004
STOCK#: 29628W
MILEAGE: 8,475

Cadillac CTS Sedan Luxury AWD

YEAR: 2014
STOCK#: 30346
MILEAGE: 34,152

Cadillac CTS Sedan Performance AWD

YEAR: 2010
STOCK#: 30507C
MILEAGE: 36,783

Mercedes-Benz R-Class R 350

YEAR: 2011
STOCK#: 30542
MILEAGE: 48,985


YEAR: 2014
STOCK#: 30552
MILEAGE: 72,528

Lexus RC 350 F-Sport AWD

YEAR: 2015
STOCK#: 30569
MILEAGE: 17,501

Nissan Altima 2.5 SL

YEAR: 2015
STOCK#: 30585
MILEAGE: 65,112

Mercedes-Benz M-Class ML 400

YEAR: 2015
STOCK#: 30588
MILEAGE: 55,873

Lincoln Navigator L

YEAR: 2012
STOCK#: 30595
MILEAGE: 66,239

Dodge Durango Limited

YEAR: 2015
STOCK#: 30590
MILEAGE: 36,436

Cadillac STS AWD w/1SB

YEAR: 2011
STOCK#: 30606
MILEAGE: 78,197

BMW 3 Series 335i

YEAR: 2011
STOCK#: 30610
MILEAGE: 67,907

Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class GLK 350

YEAR: 2014
STOCK#: 30633
MILEAGE: 19,251

Lexus RX 350 F Sport

YEAR: 2015
STOCK#: 30649
MILEAGE: 41,224

Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class GLK 350

YEAR: 2011
STOCK#: 30648
MILEAGE: 60,844

Latest Vehicles In Showroom:

Upscale Cars for Less Wholesale seems to specialize in ‘slightly used’ newer, upscale models with low mileage. Great prices considering what you are buying. They had Mercedes, Volvos , Acura , lexus and vettes on the lot. They also had a nice selection of trucks and suvs. This lot has a dealership feel. Not a ‘small time’ car lot. We also used the service department. Very pleased with the mechanic.

Ron D, Customer

Go Here! I went to the dealership wanting a certain car and these guys tracked it down for me. I got the car i wanted for less then I wanted to spend with a great rate! Eric was polite and friendly throughout the purchasing process.

Annunciate S, Customer

Eric and Joe both took excellent care of me and I was very pleased with everything.

Domenic Barbella, Customer

Eric did an excellent job of working with us! I would recommend him to any of my friends and family.

Jennifer Conahey, Customer

Quality 3/3 Appeal 3/3 Service 3/3
I put out an inquiry on a certain model and Joey G called me right away, set me up and took care of me. Great experience, I’d refer him to my friends. Plus he’s left-handed, you have to trust him!

Paul Smith, Customer

Quality 3/3 Appeal 3/3 Service 3/3
John Sozio was great from start to finish. I called him about a truck over a week ago that was already sold. He kept me updated on other trucks he had in his inventory until he found one i really wanted at the price i liked. Thanks again John and the team at the wholesale outlet in Waterford NJ

Bob Hettmannsperger, Customer

We just purchased our Chrysler Pacifica from John Sozio at the wholesale outlet in Waterford NJ and these guys are great! I’m going to recommend all my family and friends to come buy there next vehicle here!!

Michael, Customer

My experience at Wholesale Outlet was excellent and my car salesman, Eric was FABULOUS!

Cheryl Boyd-Thomas, Customer

My salesman John Sozio was very helpful in finding my 2007 gmc work van for my company. I really needed to get this work van today at the price i needed and he made it happen . I will be doing more business with him in the future. Thanks again to the team at The Wholesale Outlet in Waterford NJ.

Shawn Higgins, Customer

Eric and Joe and the rest of the Whole sale outlet were very friendly and helpful in getting me into my new truck. I will tell my friends and family to come here first for there new car needs.

Nick Sambucci, Customer
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